• The Romanian Pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015
    Living with nature


At EXPO Milano 2015, Romania is presenting a thematic pavilion, whose main objective is to impart to the visitors the essence of the Romanian spirit, which communicates our country’s subtle blend between tradition and modernity.

One of the most important exhibitions in the world, which is being organised between May 1st and October 31st, 2015 in Milan, Italy, under the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is bringing together the pavilions of 145 countries from all over the world, for 6 months.

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Dear visitors of EXPO Milan 2015 and of the Romanian Pavilion,

Welcome to the website of the Romanian Pavilion! Thank you for your interest in discovering Romania’s view on the concept of Expo Milan 2015, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The Romanian Pavilion paints a very true and attractive portrait of our country, from the perspective of its geostrategic coordinates, its landforms (some of which are unique in Europe), its viable legacy both in terms of quantity and quality of the Romanian foodstuffs, the impact of modern technologies which co-exist in harmony with traditional practices and the innovative technological solutions for exploiting the renewable energy, which are developing quickly in our country.

Under the generic name “Living with Nature”, the Romanian Pavilion is prepared to offer its visitors an illustrative and interesting experience of the specificity, potential, resources, and solutions that Romania offers.

Built on two distinct floors, which are dedicated to the expositional, artistic and informative space (at the ground floor) and to a restaurant with Romanian specialities placed in the centre of a functional garden (at the upstairs floor), Romania’s Pavilion conveys a strong conceptual and thematic message, which is honest and current: The Romanians live in harmony with nature, in a country where tradition and modernity co-exist in harmony, offering the world accessible, sustainable and rich resources of healthy food, applied culture, and environmental-friendly energy.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes everybody who steps into our country’s Pavilion at EXPO Milan 2015 and wishes everybody to enjoy a pleasant, instructive, and refreshing visit, which offers the experience of “living with nature”.

Warm wishes,
Georgian Ghervasie
Commissioner General 


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Romania’s Pavilion is designed and conceived for the purpose of offering visitors a unique experience by defining the Romanian micro-universe, which is revealing its resource potential as the visitor enters the exhibition space.

The location will be structured on two levels: a contemporary one, the media and communication sounding board, and a second traditional one located at the top of the composition, represented by the thatched-roofed house, which is a typical Romanian, architecturally stylised house, with its four-sloped roof, and with walls made of round beams and glass.

The ground floor is designed to accommodate the media and communication spaces, as well as the commercial spaces. This multifunctional room, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, will host cultural, scientific, economic, and other events throughout the 6 months of exhibition.

The stairs lead to the garden and house which are located at the upper level. The restaurant is positioned upstairs, inside the house, and it includes menus and tastings from several historical regions of the country, each with its culinary specificity.

Outside, the fruit and vegetable garden is surrounded by a wheat belt, showcasing the Romanian tradition of large crops.

The outside audio background is provided by a cutting-edge digital surround sound system, with a focus on low frequencies. Thus, the Pavilion “invites” visitors to cross the entrance bridge and to discover the beauties of Romania.


The creative concept of the Romanian Pavilion highlights the close relationship between the traditional Romanian spirit and the primordial elements of Nature. The Romanians live in harmony with nature, in a country where tradition and modernity co-exist in harmony, offering the world accessible, sustainable and rich resources of healthy food, applied culture, and environment-friendly energy.

The creative concept is based on the Romanians’ ancestral cultural and spiritual identity, as well as on their respect for nature. As a common denominator of the creative concept which was chosen to illustrate as faithfully, eloquently and attractively as possible the exhibition theme “Food for better lifestyles. Food and culture”, the identity of Romania’s national Pavilion is being conveyed under the name: “În armonie cu Natura”, which translates into the other two official languages of EXPO Milan 2015 – English and Italian – as follows: “Living with Nature / In armonia con la Natura”.

By this phrase, Romania sends a message to the whole world that our country is a space of harmony between nature and its citizens, like a welcoming home ruled by the harmonious co-existence with the nature elements – which represent, as a whole, a traditional home of our people, a home to which modernity offers a new potential for expression.

The visual identity developed through the logo representing harmony between nature and people emphasises the close relationship between the traditional Romanian spirit and the primordial elements of Nature.

Thematic Areas

The Pavilion is based on a dynamic, visual approach, supported by video/multimedia presentation in the defined spaces of the pavilion - 5 main areas at the ground level: Biodiversity, Crops and Green Energy, Fruit and Vegetable Farming, and Culture and Tradition. The central area of the pavilion is showcasing a brief portrait of Romania by exploiting its most representative features. The upstairs area is a space dedicated to gastronomic experiences, and to the brief presentation of the Romanian vegetable farming, as well as a space for recreation/meditation. This area includes the visiting areas, "the Garden", "the House" (the Restaurant of the Pavilion) and the "Porch", which is the thematic transitional element between the two upstairs areas.


The widest visiting surface area at the ground floor includes the main resources that define the specific biodiversity of our country, by presenting each defining element of the flora, fauna, and landforms. This area, which is located at the main entrance in the Pavilion, represents a natural, harmonious continuation of the well being induced by the main area of access into the stand, adjacent to the Danube Delta.
Cultura si Energie verde

Crops and Green Energy

The main resource presented to the visiting public of this area is the wheat. It offers visitors of the Romanian Pavilion a look at the agricultural potential of our country to feed several peoples, which has been well known for centuries, under the name of “Europe’s Bread Basket”. As a statement of ultra-modernity, the same area presents Romania’s solutions in terms of renewable (green) energy, which have been implemented in recent years.

Fruits and Vegetables

The main actor of this area is the apple – “the fruit of knowledge”, which offers visitors a perspective on Romania’s potential as a European provider of high quality fruits and vegetables, which, likewise, is traditionally recognised. The area, decorated in vivid colours (red, blue, purple, and green) hosts the fruits of the Romanian soil.

Culture and Tradition

The central area of the ground floor is dedicated to Romanian traditions and culture, with a focus on the attractive solutions in terms of rural tourism and folk art. At the same time, this area depicts the traditional occupations that are relevant for the main theme of the Exhibition. This area also hosts the stage of the Pavilion, dedicated to artistic events, which will be used at the time when the concerned events are scheduled.

Gastronomic Art

The area dedicated to the traditional Romanian gastronomic art presents the diversity of the Romanian tradition and culinary art that the visitors will taste, partially, in the restaurant area of the Romanian Pavilion.