At Home to Romanians: Workshops on painting wooden spoons, painting icons on glass and folkloric dance

From September 29th until October 2nd, the House of Culture IL Caragiale from Ploiesti presents at the Romania’s Pavilion at Expo 2015 the project “At Home to Romanians”.

In this project, folkloric group “Prahova” from the House of Culture IL Caragiale Ploiesti puts in stage an artistic program that includes folklore dances from several areas of the Romania: Moldova, Muntenia, Oltenia and Transylvania. For each area represented in the show, the dancers are wearing traditional costumes specific to that area, illustrating the diversity of clothing models from our country. Visitors can experience the Romanian rhythms at the folk dance workshop under the guidance of choreographer from House of Culture IL Caragiale Ploiesti.

In the project “At Home to Romanians” an artist performs traditional painting of icons on glass and holds a painting workshop of icons where visitors will discover the secrets of this craft. Also, in another workshop, visitors can see how to make painted wooden spoons and can try this craft on their own.