Dance show “Feed Your Soul … in Romania”

The Romania Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan hosted Sunday, October 4th, and Monday October 5th, the dance show “Feed Your Soul … in Romania.” The concept of the show – using the classical, modern and street dance – revolves around the food, intended as meeting, sharing and celebration.

Creator and director of the show: Gisella Zilembo, choreography – Maria Luisa Rota, Alberto Suardi, Stephen Dionisio, dancers – Alberto Suardi, Stephen Dionisio, Giardia Pellegrinelli.

GisellaZilembo_EventiDanza are friends of Romania: they were in Bucharest in November 2014 with the show “Mediteranea” dedicated to the Italian Presidency of the EU Council, and will be again present in Bucharest this November, at the National Theatre, with the show “Vitamore”.