Exhibition of the fashion collection “Dowry” by Liliana Turoiu

Romanian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 hosted on May 24th the fashion exhibition “Dowry”, designed by Liliana Turoiu. The exhibition was inaugurated by the designer and by the curator from Bran Castle, Lia Doru Trandafir.

The collection “Dowry” by Liliana Turoiu reinvents elements of the traditional Romanian costume and uses those for modern clothing creations that transcend trends of only one season. “This is one of the most important collections I have designed in my career and it is very special to myself because of its spiritual inspiration”, said the designer who teaches fashion at University of Bucharest.

The art and costume album “Dowry” illustrates the interferences between old and new, between tradition and modernity, including pictures taken at Bran Castle and texts signed by two important art critics of Romania, Prof. Ph.D. Cristian Robert-Velescu and Adina Nanu and the fashion journalist Doina Berchina.

The designer Liliana Turoiu collaborated on this project with Cristina Grama, Claudiu Berechet, actress Monica Davidescu and Iulia Maria Dan, soprano at the Hamburg State Opera.

The collection “Dowry” was already presented at Rome in May 2015 with the support of the Accademia di Romania, at Stuttgart, and will be presented in Vienna, in Paris, in Belgrad and in Bucharest and Bran Castle.

Liliana Turoiu is currently lecturer at the National University of Arts from Bucharest, president and founder of Studio Design Altum Foundation. Since 1999 she is a member of the Union of Professional Artists of Romania.