The District 2 Mayor, Neculai Ontanu, visited Romanian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

The District 2 Mayor, Neculai Ontanu, visited Romanian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, welcomed by Romanian General Commissioner to Expo 2015, Georgian Ghervasie.

They assisted at a music and dance show performed by a group of children from Mugurel de Vlasca and watched a presentation video of Neajlov Delta, a real paradise of plants and birds, situated 30 kilometters from Bucharest.
Neculai Ontanu expressed his joy to attend Expo Milano 2015 and to visit Romanian Pavilion.

”The Expo Milano 2015 theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, is a generous one, involving a great creative effort from all the countries. From this perspective, after visiting many others pavilions, I think The Romanian Pavilion is one of the first five pavilions at Expo Milano 2015, being very attractive by its beauty and design. I was impressed by the numbers of the visitors, who waited a hundreds metters line to enter the Pavilion and I think this is a very good news for Romania, because the Romanian Pavilion proved a magnetic place for many visitors. This great effort of creative and management work of Romanian Pavilion was not easy to achieve, thus I congratulate the management team, specially Romanian General Commissioner Georgian Ghervasie, for making the Romanian Pavilion one of the most visited in Expo Milano. I salute the organizers idea to promote these talented children, which presented to the world the Romanian traditions. Besides the generous theme of the Romanian Pavilion, I pleasantly noticed the excellent show of traditional romanian cuisine”, said the Mayor.

“We are honoured to welcome the District 2 Mayor, Neculai Ontanu, who helped us this week and demonstrated to be, by his involvement and the quality of the events he organised, an upmost manager, both in Bucharest and Milan. On the other hand, the day was with this great surprise, both for me and the visitors, offered by these talented littler artist from the group Mugurel de Vlasca. Their representation of the romanian tradition, culture and folklore attracted in a lot of visitors. We must continue to discover Romania, to discover such wonderful places as Neajlov Delta. We must discover our tradition, our civilization, our culture and preserve their pure forms which represent the genuine Romania – this is our mesage to the world at Expo Milano”, said Georgian Ghervasie.