Medical field workshop on nutrition and growth of children hosted by the Romanian Pavilion

The Romanian Pavilion organized, Tuesday, 22nd of September, together with Istituto Italiano Auxologico, the medical field workshop ”Growth, Nutrition and Obesity of Italian and Romanian Children”.

The debate was joined the main theme of Expo Milano 2015, ”Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, and was an actual debate about the necesity of children`s healthy nutrition.

Italian and romanian world-known specialists in auxology and endocrinology discussed the causes of children`s obesity and also efficient solutions on that alarming issue.

The Consul General of Romania in Milano, George Bologan, pointed out the solidarity that Istituto Italiano Auxologico – the main organizer of the event – had shown in many romanian humanitarian cases.

„Istituto Italiano Auxologico is a symbol for Milano city, due to its extraordinary physicians acknowledged in medical research”, said George Bologan.

Dr. Alessandrio Sartorio, Head Physician of the Auxology Unit and the Recovery and Functional Rehabilitation Unit, Istituto Italiano Auxologico, warned upon the metabolic consequences of children`s obesity, which could affect in negative ways, personally and professionaly, the life of the future adult.

Dr. Iuliana Gherlan, Physician in pediatric endocrinology and growth disorders at National Institute of Endocrinology C.I. Parhon, Bucharest, aproached the subject of pubertal and hormonal disorders caused by inadequate nutrition and warned on precocious puberty.

Both italian and romanian specialists stressed out the necessity of a varied and nutritionally complete diet and regular physical exercise as rules for a healthy growth.

The General Commissioner of Romania, Georgian Ghervasie, stressed out that urgent need for a global and sustainable answer for poverty and undernutrition, which affects one in nine people in the world today.

„We must find a balanced answer between Africa, where hungry affects one in six people, and Europe`s developed countries, where almost a third of food is waisted”, said the General Commissioner of Romania.